"Women's press is not only a mirror held out to women, it must also defend their rights, change attitudes, fight discrimination, advocate for equality, and shows the path of modernity", says Aïcha Zaimi who occupies a prominent place in the world of women's magazines. Aïcha spent many years at the head of one of the first iconic supports of the feminist cause and of which she is the co-founder, namely “Femmes du Maroc” (Women of Morocco). After attending school in a French junior high school in Rabat, she left the city of Rabat to study at the Higher Institute for Trade and Business Administration: "It is at that time that I discovered the Moroccan society, its complexity, its various components but also its limits", recalls this resolute woman who often was a group leader: "There was a swimming pool at the Institute where I studied but no girl dared to bathe there. I put on my swimsuit and dipped. Others followed suit”, she says. Aïcha became aware of the situation of women and nourished her thinking on the subject. In 1993, she became a journalist for the Téléplus magazine. From 1995 to 2010, she led the FDM magazine which dares to address the taboos of sexuality in its famous black pages, then became director of the female cluster of the group. She successfully initiated, from 1996, the annual "Caftan" parade in Marrakesh, Casablanca and Paris. After her departure, she created the “Illi” magazine, which she led from 2010 to 2016: "This newspaper was a bridge between my generation (that of the feminist press that experienced the reforms of the Family Code and of the Nationality code, the debate about abortion debate ) and the new generation, that of the Arab Spring’. Though Aïcha regrets today regrets, but without bitterness, the disappearance of many women's magazines, she remains positive. Passionate about running, this optimistic woman has proved that she is fond of marathon races.


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