Taxi driver

In Casablanca, Amina Agourame is the star of the small red taxis. Twenty years ago, she became the first female driver of a small taxi in Morocco: "I did not choose the taxi, it was the taxi that chose me". And for a good reason. This mother of two children found herself totally helpless, overnight, after her divorce. She then tried her luck and applied for a cab-driving license from the governor’s office. One year later, she received a letter authorizing her to enter the competition for the license. "I went to see many taxi drivers to help me prepare for the exam. I was categorically rejected”, she says. It was her daughter who then suggested to her the idea of ​​obtaining a large map of Casablanca, the business capital. Amina Agourame spent several hours memorizing the location of large roundabouts, hotels, hospitals, polyclinics, courts, and other locations ... "We were thirty-seven people taking the exam. I was one of the eight successful candidates. I was the only woman in the group! The beginnings were difficult but fortunately customers were her greatest allies. She also learned to cope with the basic rules of mechanics and electricity: "I encourage women to work. It is simply the key to their independence and dignity. "


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