"The best moments of a bookseller's life are meetings with exceptional readers such as Abdelaziz Alami who was at the same time a banker, a poet and a great reader. When he died, I lost a big brother, a father ... ", reminisces, with emotion, Amina Alami Laaroussi who knew how to make of the « Porte d'Anfa » bookshop, in Casablanca, an unavoidable meeting place for sharing and exchange. Yet, this fervent reader could have followed a completely different path. At eighteen, no longer had she secured her junior high school in science that she fell madly in love for the man whom she married without delay. She became very fast a mother and enrolled in correspondence courses to become an accountant, a training that helped her later maintain the fragile balance between love for literature and the financial management of his bookstore. The project came to fruition in 2001, after two years of maturation. The bankers were skeptical, but her husband, a fervent reader, encouraged her: "After twenty-five years devoted to raising our four children, I retired as a housewife to plunge into an activity I loved. Amina holds this taste for books from her father: "As a self-taught man, he always had a book in his hand. Being an avant-garde man, Amina’s father wanted all his daughters to be educated. Amina would have liked to have the gift of writing, and devoured the works of Yoko Ogawa or James Salter. For Amina, the book is not only a dive into other inner worlds, it also offers the opportunity to make beautiful encounters: "I had organized a conference with the Lebanese author Lamia Ziade for her graphic book “O Night , O my eyes”. After the debate, she presented us with a surprise guest present in the audience, Leila El Jazairia, one of the biggest belly dancers of the twentieth century, and was the partner in life of Farid El Atrash! I love those unexpected moments”, she says. Will Amina Alami Laaroussi one day record her anecdotes in a book? 


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