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Originally, always an emotion, a question, a concern ... "I never know what form will my work take. I am very attentive to the interiority of human beings but also to the outside world. The other currents pass through me and nourish me”, explains Amina Benbouchta. The multidisciplinary visual artist invited the public, in 2016, to Dar El Kitab in Casablanca, for the "Crossings - A Work in Progress" event, a perceptual and intellectual experience through archives, paintings, sculptures, photographs and initiatory and symbolic tales. The work of the artist focuses on various issues: women, freedom, confinement, memory ... "The ideas are starting points that are constantly changing," she said. Amina Benbouchta grew up in Rabat and dreamed of becoming an artist. When she was a teenager, she initiated herself to painting with Jacques Alerini but it is much later, in Paris, that she made a decisive immersion in the world of art, having obtained her diploma of anthropology in Montreal. "Leaving Morocco for my studies in the 1980s, I discovered that art could encompass other areas as painting and sculpture. In Paris, I met artists and I got in touch with other practices”, says the artist. She enrolled as a free auditor at the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris until 1990, the year in which her first child was born, "the discovery of new responsibilities". In 1986, she began exhibiting her work in England, France and the United States. Later, she exhibited with painters such as Soulages, Morellet, Viallat and others. Amina Benbouchta returned to live in Casablanca. In 2004, she participated in the creation of the “Collectif 212” group to set up a platform of contemporary artists from Morocco: "What is important is the word that stemmed from it. In 2007, she joined the artistic association “La Source du Lion”. Amina Benbouchta exhibits her creations in different cities, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Dubai.


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