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What is it that makes Amina Benkhadra move? The answer is the sense of general interest and passion for work well done. When she was appointed at her position at the end of 2003, the dynamic leader of the National Board of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) has a "taste for accomplishment". A woman of action, she likes to "organize and lead teams in order to achieve the realization of useful projects". Challenges, strategies: this keen observer of geopolitical issues likes "to analyze problems and especially solve them! Her career owes nothing to chance. 
Born in a family of magistrates of the bourgeoisie of the city of Salé, Amina Benkhadra dreamed for some a time to be a lawyer before being caught by her love for science. With a civil engineering degree from the School of Mines of the city of Nancy, a PhD in mining science and technology of the National School of Mines of Paris, and training in management at Columbia University, she was perfectly equipped to start a brilliant professional ascent. Between 1985 and 198, Amina Benkhadra contributed to the development of two major mining projects in Morocco, namely "Imiter" and "Hajar". From 1994 to 1997, she was Director of Mining at the Ministry of Energy and Mining and then Secretary of State in charge of the mining sector. She is one of the first women appointed to such positions of influence. In 2007, she was appointed Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment: "I received this appointment as a great honor and lived this ministerial experience without ever leaving aside my sense of responsibilities ", she says. In accordance with guidance from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the minister implemented new strategies. Another highlight of her career was the year 2016 with the inauguration of "Noor" in Ouarzazate, the largest solar power plant in the world and the first translation of the Solar Plan launched in 2009 by the King of Morocco. A tireless worker, Amina Benkhadra finds new energy in reading, gardening and yoga.


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