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Amina Msefer, mother of a blind girl suffering from a mental disability, made of the fight against Mental Disability her raison d‘être. Her first struggle, as she tried to enroll her child, was to ensure that all children with disabilities have access to school and receive appropriate education. When, at the age of seven, her daughter joined the medical-educational center Amal, Amina Msefer then got involved in the association of parents of students of the institute. But very soon, parents faced a new struggle: "As soon as they turn major of age, children are obliged to leave the special education centers without any other training structure wanting to welcome them in order to allow them to build their professional and social life. This is an ordeal for all’, explains Amina Msefer. Revolted by the situation, she founded with parents in 1997, the Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Disabled People, called “Hadaf”. The goal is to create an enabling environment for the personal development but also for the professional development of these young people with disabilities. In response to the lack of support structures for adults, “Hadaf” created a socio-professional integration center. Through the learning of an occupation, of community life and of activities involving families, young people give a meaning to their lives. Today, the center welcomes young people who learn cooking, sewing, gardening, carpentry and many other trades. Their creations, worthy of the work of excellent craftsmen, make everybody proud.


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