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Asma Lamrabet is director of the Centre for Studies and Research on Women in Islam, the “Cerfi”, that is affiliated with the religious institution “Rabita of Ulema” (League of Religious Scholars) of Morocco. But Asma Lamrabet has several lives: hematologist at the Avicenna Hospital in the morning, Director of the Cerfi in the afternoon, writer in the evening, but also a lecturer around the world. The guiding thread that binds all those activities is her commitment, passion and determination. Lamrabet made of Quran the book of empowerment . She invites women to play a "feminine and feminist" reading of the sacred text: "The question of women must be thought from a system of thought that is ours. We cannot ignore our history and our spirituality. Women must reclaim religious knowledge in order to propose a new interpretation”, she says. Her latest book “Women and Islam: the hard issues” (“Femmes et Islam: les questions qui fâchent”), published by “En toutes lettres” publishers, pushed people to debate. Belonging to a group of six children, Asma Lamrabet lost her mother at the age of eight and established a very strong relationship with her father: "He was my confidant and friend. Very early, he saw in me the rebellious teenager”, she says. Asma Lamrabet began her medical studies and met a young diplomat whom she married in 1982. A year later her only son was born. In 1997, her husband was appointed ambassador to Latin America. The family remained there eleven years: "During this period, I was in search of spirituality. I then discovered the " liberation theology", a new way of living and religious thinking, born inside the world of Christianity in Latin America. I felt the force of spirituality through another religion and this led me to a re-reading of my own tradition”, explains Asma Lamrabet. Spirituality, women's rights and reformism are the major focus areas of her: "Reformism is an ethical reading of divine laws, not dogma. In 2008, she was appointed President of the International Group for Studies and Thinking on Women and Islam, based in Barcelona.


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