The “Au Grain de sésame” Galerie is more than just an art gallery; It is for this reason that Asmaa Benachir, her founder, speaks about it with a mixture of passion and emotion. The site also houses training and production workshops, a literary café and hosts the ÉcoBio organic food market on the first Sunday of each month. It is above all a place where women from the medina do embroidery work on recycled paper - for a salary, insurance and a percentage on sales - and take courses in art and ecological design with a view to their autonomy and social integration. Their creations find a place of choice in the gallery: artistic packaging, bindings, paper decorations, framing. For this beautiful experience, “Au Grain de sésame” received the prestigious Seed award, a United Nations initiative for the environment, and Asmaa Benachir, the Alliance of American Museums Award. ‘Au “Grain de Sésame” is the point of crystallization of many initiatives led by the artist who found her way with the women of the medina: "These women have great know-how. They are talented and determined to succeed. By giving them access to the technique, the artist brings them the link that was lacking to enable them to make a decisive qualitative leap. She thus carries out a transmission work that has always been dear to her heart.


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