"When I was asked what I dreamed of as a child, I used to answer, ‘I want to be happy’. And this is art where I thrived, "says the actress who built her career between popular cinema and more intimate movies. It took one film, and only one movie, entitled “She is diabetic, hypertensive and she refuses to die” from director Hakim Noury, to impose Asmaa Khamlichi as an actress in the world of movies. Asmaa is both funny and sexy: 
"It was an extraordinary success," she admits. Then she shoots in other films: "Every character I have incarnated is precious to me and has required preparation and concentration. In cinema, as in dance, one is transported by a positive and liberating energy. But she is lucid on the place of women in Moroccan cinema: "It is time to offer them more major roles. Small, a doctor diagnosed in her a double scoliosis and advised her to do sports. Asmaa Khamlichi now listens to her body: "It is an art of living, a state of mind”. She first became a gymnast and participated in professional competitions before practicing yoga and surfing. But Asmaa Khamlichi is also a stage girl. Enlisted at the Conservatory of Casablanca, she is enthusiastic about music, theater but especially dance that allows her to combine her love of sport with that of art. She joined the ballet theater of choreographer Lahcen Zinoun. The stage galvanizes her. By embodying a multitude of characters, she allows herself to be crossed by emotions, carried by the texts, intoxicated by poetry. Today, Asmaa Khamlichi is a fulfilling woman: "I feel like being a citizen of the world. I lived several years in Florida and Italy but I am a Moroccan woman who loves her country, and who knows her sufferings and her faults. "


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