Bouchra GHIATI

Bouchra GHIATI

President of an NGO

Bouchra Ghiati comes from the business world and she decided, a few years ago, to dedicate an important part of her time to the world of NGOs. Moreover, in the course of her professional activities, Bouchra Ghiati always favored relations with nongovernmental organizations. The Insaf NGO, of which she is currently the president, is an organization that Bouchra knows perfectly since she has accompanied Insaf since its creation in 1999. Today, the activist puts her rigor, know-how and sense of strategy in the service of the sustainability of the projects of the entity, whose key fight concerns the defense of single mothers and of babies born outside marriage. "The program of actions includes accommodation, family mediation, psychological, medical and legal support, and especially training and professional integration, that are essential for the future of mothers and their children," insists Bouchra Ghiati. Another major task is the fight against the exploitation of girls as housemaids. Right from the moment when the NGO succeeds in convincing the parents to accept that their daughter leaves this hell, in exchange for the granting of a monthly scholarship, the organization proposes a system of sponsorship. The goal is to accompany the children until the end of their schooling, by taking care of the expenses related to schooling as well as the expenses related to school support in order to enables young girls to catch up on their studies. In the province of Chichaoua alone, nearly three hundred girls have returned to school. A dozen of them hold now a junior high school degree.


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