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"My role is to translate the strategic objectives of the “Caisse de Dépôt and Gestion Foundation” in a concrete and operational manner, with essential components: social and sustainable development as well as philanthropy. The foundation is the corporate citizenship arm of the group”, explains Dina Naciri, who evoked with her usual enthusiasm her activity that has opened to her two worlds, that of art and humanitarianism that she loves with the same fervor. She joined the foundation in 2000 and remembers amused: "We were discussing gender equity with my supervisor. He kept saying, "For women, we should do this …or we should that “, as if he were talking to a man! When I reminded him that I was a woman, he replied: "No, you, you are not a woman!". Nonetheless, there is nothing masculine in Dina Naciri’s look that is very feminine. Dina was appointed Executive Director in 2007. In addition, the ardor and tenacity in the workplace are not only masculine qualities. "I always fully involve myself in what I do," confesses the woman who was born in Fes but admits having a special tenderness for Rabat and Salé. Being a discrete person, Dina Naciri mentions nevertheless her attachment to the “Zawwya Naciria” Sufi order and for the native town of her father, Tamegroute: "There is there a magnificent library containing archives on the history of Morocco”, she says. 
It is especially within the Foundation that Dina Naciri satisfied her interest in art: "The beautiful books that we publish as well as the exhibitions we organize are a contribution to the enrichment of the heritage and of the cultural dynamism of the country”, says Dina who is proud of the events proposed as well as of the carte blanche given to great artists such as Dounia Oualit who particularly touched her: "She is a model in contemporary art in Morocco and has left her mark on the work of many Moroccan artists . "


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