Assistant in an NGO

Fadma Ouammou, whom everyone calls Aïcha, has been employed as an assistant for years in the “Terres des femmes” NGO, which works for the promotion of rural female pottery in Northern Morocco. Its founder, Agnès Goffart, Belgian ceramist and family assistant, discovered this type of pottery on the roads and in the souks of Morocco before going to meet the pottery artists in the remote hamlets. She was the one who encouraged Fadma Ouammou, who was at that time a housekeeper, to come and work within the association. "With my colleagues, we go around the hamlets nestled on the heights of the Rif mountains by car, but also sometimes on the back of a donkey!", she says. Her colleagues and her discovered the objects that women use in their everyday life: jars, candle holders, gourds, dishes, salad bowls, smokers and, of course, the famous tagine dishes. Having become a true passionate woman about Northern pottery, Fadma Ouammou, became aware of the need to act for these destitute women. She fights with the other members of the NGO to perpetuate the know-how of these potters and also ensures, as a commercial agent, the proper functioning of the premises of the association in Oulja Salé, one of the two boutiques of the association.


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