Farida JAIDI

Farida JAIDI


"I was called the “Miss Thatcher of the Foreign Affairs Ministry” because of my rigor, my discipline and my sense of responsibility", remembers, amused, Farida Jaïdi, who says that the resemblance has its limits. Her collaborators who initially feared her quickly felt that working by her side was an excellent training: "I recognize skills and give everyone the right place. I also know how to defend the interests of those who work with me”, she adds. Her affable personality does not let one guess have a glimpse of the woman with an iron fist that she must have been to assume her mission as ambassador. In 2001, Farida Jaïdi was appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as ambassador to Sweden, where she remained for five years before being appointed to Brazil. Would she imagine, small, to represent her country abroad? Not sure if personality, Farida Jaïdi, eldest of six daughters, always had: "My father said that I was the boy of the family. For him, it was a compliment! I regretted that he died when I was appointed ambassador”. Student at the Jeanne d'Arc school in Rabat, she continued her education at the Lalla Aïcha junior high school:" I wanted to be a dietician then a lawyer but ultimately I became a diplomat. I thus was able both to defend my country and to taste good food through the receptions I organized! "

Appointed Consul General in Canada in 1999, she brought together sixty personalities from the academic and artistic worlds around the theme of "Moroccan women on the move". Farida Jaïdi does not think about retirement. She now provides training to the young diplomats of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and also founded in 2016, the “Environmental Women Association: "We are working for the establishlment of public toilets hat are clean and separate, but also accessible to the disabled. The health, hygiene and education of citizens are at stake. "


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