"I am in favor of meritocracy. Nonetheless, if men and women have equivalent qualifications and skills, positive discrimination must be practiced in order to reduce the gap between men and women, mainly at the decision-making level. The secret of the promotion of women is solidarity ", insists Fathïa Bennis before adding: "I always value the women who are able to occupy strategic positions. I have always been sensitive to the cause of women”, she says. At the head of Maroclear, the central repository of securities since 2005, Fathïa Bennis, a personality in the world of finance, tries to link economic success and the rise of women in decision-making positions. "We must take action and bring about change in collaboration with men”, says the woman of networks who has the ability to mobilize and pool energies. Fathïa Bennis founded and chairs the Women's Tribune. Married at a very early age, she pursued her graduate studies as mother of two children, one reality not preventing the other. Holder of a PhD in International Economic Relations, Fathïa Bennis applied for a job at the Moroccan central bank, through a competition. She had an exemplary career there for seventeen years: "Finance, economics, monetary policy, the capital market ... I learned a great deal from it”, she says. Called in 1998 to occupy a position at the Casablanca Stock Exchange, she was the first woman to hold the position of General Manager of the Stock Exchange. In 2000, His Majesty King Mohammed VI appointed her as a Director of the Moroccan National Tourism Board, which she headed for five years. Honesty and civility are essential values ​​for her. She likes to take up the challenges. Her new battleground is sensitizing women to climate issues. She was decorated knight of the National Order of the Merit of the French Republic.


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