"One of my best memories? The London Marathon in 2014. There is no race without fighting against one's own limits, without going beyond oneself, without perseverance or endurance”, says Fatima Zohra Outaghani. It is therefore not surprising that this communication professional is passionate about running in which she finds the same performance requirement as in her profession. Of her childhood dream, namely being a flight attendant, the native of Casablanca has retained "the taste for ravel". In 2004, she launched the “PR Media” company: "It is the first Moroccan communication agency entirely dedicated to public relations. To do this job, you must have a passion for human and relationships, have a total adaptability, and unabated rigor”, she says. The year 2005 is a happy one; two events filled her with joy. The first event was personal: "In Senegal, I met the person who was going to become my husband. It was love at first sight. I got married in 2006 in Cyprus. This is a moment I will never forget. We have two daughters, Sophia and Mia, our best successes!”, she says. The second event is professional. That year, Fatima Zohra Outaghani joined forces with Hill + Knowlton Strategies, a real masterpiece. Fatima Zohra says that her work is precisely to "create and maintain links between companies and audiences that are fueled by a commitment and a real sense of responsibility”, she adds. Today, her agency is one of the market leaders, with several international offices in Algeria and Tunisia in particular, and has developed activities in the Middle East and West Africa. Attached to the cultural development of the country, Fatima Zohra Outaghani takes care of the communication of a great music festival, Mawazine.


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