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Fatna El Bouih has succeeded in making of her tragic story an engine to help others. Victim of the repression years, she spent five years in detention before becoming an activist in the Moroccan Observatory of Prisons in 1999. Then, with a handful of volunteers, she worked for the reintegration of former inmates, within the “Prison-Society Relay” structure, created in 2005 and currently chaired by her. Her fight: strive to have the harsh conditions of women and children in detention evolve. "I have chosen to focus my action on the dozens of children imprisoned in prisons since the Moroccan law allows each mother to keep her child until he or she reaches the age of five”, says Fatna El Bouih. First mission: the creation and management of a daycare center in the women's quarter of the local prison of Ain Sebaâ, in Casablanca. Today, one of the priorities of the NGO is the schooling of the children of former female inmates with the coverage of the fees related to the purchase of school supplies. Another achievement is the introduction of art therapy workshops for female inmates. This experience, initiated in the prison of Casablanca, first with Dominique Langlois in 2013 and then in partnership with the “La Scala” café, was generalized to other Moroccan prisons with the support of the psychologists of the department of corrections of the country. Fatna El Bouih received the “Sofitel Tour Blanche” literary prize in 2016 for her autobiography entitled A woman named Rasheed” published by "Le Fennec" publishers.


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