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Fatym Layachi has many strings to her bow: she is an actress, commentator and director. She has the sense of self-deprecation and can observe, with malice relevance and tenderness, the Moroccan society to which she belongs. "I am French by reasoning, and Moroccan by intuition," says Fatym Layachi who adds: "I do not believe in talent, I believe in the singularity and work that lead to creation”. For the last four years, she has been interested in the Mediterranean, "the cradle of many civilizations, today the great cemetery of our humanity with the tragedy of refugees and migrants". Three shows were born from this fascination: “Kan Ya Makan”, meeting of the lute and flamenco guitar, “Majalis”, celebration of Judaeo-Arab sacred songs and “Amakyn”, mixture of singing and circus around the exile of three women. Music is at the heart of her creation. It is in 2012 that she made her first staging, that of the “I say no” theater play, a tribute to refusal. Being a lone child, Fatym Layachi grew up in Casablanca and studied in Paris. But it is at the age of seventeen that she discovered the world of movies when director Hakim Noury ​​proposed to her a role in a love story. Other films followed that performance, with different directors. Later, the “TelQuel” weekly proposed to her to keep a “wacky and girly" chronicle.Le Monde Afrique” also granted her a space in its online edition: "I am totally free to write whatever I want”, says Fatym Layachi who was marked by the year 2015, when France fell into horror:" The attacks of November 13 symbolize for me the end of a world. Today, the question is what kind of society is it. Life and love must take over again”, she said with great emotion.


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