She marked the spirits with her first essay “The Arab World, female style” (“Le Monde arabe au féminin”), published in 1985 at L'Harmattan publisher. With thirty-seven books to her credit, the writer is prolific. When asked the question of "why write?”, she mentions the Romanian writer and philosopher Emil Cioran who once said: "Every book is a deferred suicide”. Ghita El Khayat is also a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst: "It is an addiction. I could stop but I cannot give up that link with the patient. Every time we help someone, we give life back to that person. Trying to catch up on failures is of such an extraordinary power”. Being a specialist in occupational medicine and aerospace medicine, she also studied anthropology at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris. Hating lies and hypocrisy, fighting against all of me for extremism or violence, her outspoken style may be baffling: "Kindness and honesty are the only two true values”. She looks uncompromisingly at society, deploring rudeness and sloppiness: "Today I am this angry individual living in one of the most polluted cities in the world! She might have decided to remain in France; she returned for her mother, but not only for her: "There is between Morocco and me a closely bonded and physical relationship”. Born in Rabat of parents of Andalusian ancestry, she grew up in the capital city which she finally left for her medical residency in Casablanca. She lost her father when was very young, "My mother was widowed at thirty with seven children! When my father died, I changed my status. It is horrible to be an orphan in this society. She made a stint in the world of radio, television, photography, and painting; and is passionate about cinema and music. "I have a very limited social life", said Ghita El Khayat who does not like to think of time that passes: "Every day and every fact is important”, she says. In 2007, she received, among other awards, the Maiori Prize for Peace in recognition for her writings.


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