Psychoanalyst – Art Gallery Owner

Hakima Lebbar is, first of all, a recognized psychoanalyst who, since 1989, has been practicing in her private practice in Rabat: "A choice driven by the search for meaning about mental health”. Hakima is also an author, an artist, and has opened the Fan-Dok gallery in 2004. Since then, she has organized exhibitions with confirmed artists and young talents. She is a founding and active member 
of Transparency Morocco. In addition to fighting corruption, she campaigns for gender equality and secularism. Hakima Lebbar initiated several original projects to raise awareness of social causes that involve both artists and authors. Thus she has set up traveling exhibitions linked with collective books. In 2011, she designed and directed the collective book entitled “Proverbs Against Corruption”, published by Tarik publishers. In 2014, she led another project, “Women and Religions, Points of view of women from Morocco”, co-published by the Fan-Dok Gallery and “La Croisée des chemins” publishers. The aim is to discuss the coexistence of religions in the city and the discrimination of women in different religions. Hakima Lebbar renewed the experience with “Men advocate for equality with women in terms of inheritance”, with an exclusively male participation this time. "Equality between people, regardless of gender, color, culture or other qualities, is the very foundation of living together, whether within the couple, the family or society”, she says.


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