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On her desk there is a picture of her son, Maher, a blond child who resembles her. "Having a child is a fundamental experience. On the eve of my fifty years, I decided that I would not ignore that. I wanted to adopt a child; my husband refused. It was not negotiable", says Hinde Ben Abbes Taarji who made the radical choice to raise a child alone. Fear? Absolutely not! Taarji acts just as simply as someone dives while in the high seas, without fear of the depths. Very soon her personality as a person in love with freedom, manifested itself. Hinde Taarji will not cease to contradict her look as a small, fragile and soft girl with a clear complexion. Hinde Taarji  was a rebel: "Whenever I was challenged, I headed headlong. Each time, it is the same vital impetus and the same desire to understand that push her on adventurous paths, experiences from which she derived striking works: “The Veils of Islam”, at Editions Balland publisher, “30 days in Algeria”, at Editions Eddif publisher, or “Journey at the heart of Intifada”, at “Tarik editions” publisher. "For all my projects, I met people who trusted me," says this reporter, a great reporter, passionate about writing and traveling. She is proud of her Marrakchi and Fassi origins. Her courage comes from her activist parents: "My father, lawyer of the nationalists (asking for Independence from the French Protectorate authorities), has been a model for me. Though her first love was cinema, she returned to writing. After studying anthropology at the School of Higher Studies in Social Science in Paris, she returned to Morocco in 1985. Noureddine Ayouch then proposed to her to participate in the project of the women’s magazine Kalima, which she directed during the four years of its publication. The death of her father plunged her into a deep depression: "I realized where I held my strength from”, she says. Her journey to Palestine saved her. Currently, Hinde Ben Abbes Taarji runs a web portal dedicated to the Moroccans of the Diaspora that she has set up for the Banque Populaire Foundation.


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