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"The first question I ask myself before initiating any action is what will this bring to my country? I must act and serve the public interest and think things through and to act and think rightly”, confides Ikram Haddaji. It has been more than twelve years since this consultant in image, content and communication strategies founded her “PR One” company after fourteen years spent in the world of television: "2M TV is my home. I was there at a pivotal time in the history of Morocco. The country was opening up and the young chain was involved in the construction of the notion of citizenship and in the major economic and social challenges”. Ikram was first a coordinator of the TV news and information magazines, then head of the communication department and finally program producer. Being at work twelve hours a day, she could meet her future husband, director general of a press group, only in her professional environment! In 2000, at the birth of her son Ali, she left the TV channel. A few days later, she joined the Boomerang communication agency: "It was a great experience. I put my audiovisual know-how at the service of communication. I contemplated my mission from an informative angle, refusing slogans”. In 2004, her daughter Rania was born and she decided to take a sabbatical. But resting did not seem to satisfy Ikram Haddaji who took advantage of such a sabbatical to mount her company with always the same engaged and citizen approach. Born in the city of Safi, Ikram who received the name of "Ikram Allah", "by the name of a Pakistani ambassador", dreamed of being a diplomat, especially since the universe in which she grew nourished her travel dreams. She was fond of literature and said: "My parents were educated intellectuals.They raised us, my two brothers, my sister and I, in the love of the Arabic language and culture”. At a very young age, Ikram got initiated to the great authors, both ancient and contemporary. Today, she lives in Casablanca, a city that looks just like her: always on the move.


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