TV Moderator and Producer

Kaoutar Boudarraja, whom everyone calls "Kao", could have relied on her physical features alone but preferred to build herself otherwise. In 2007, she took up the challenge of the "Star Academy Maghreb", attracted attention and won the position of moderator in a reality show on the Tunisian Nessma TV channel: "It's my big family. This channel taught me everything. Then she became a fashion and culture commentator at “Ness Nessma”. At the same time, she presented the Italian TV program "Non solo Moda". After two years, a new desire emerged: "I wanted to discover new worlds”. The Tunisian channel listened to Kaoutar Boudarraja again who became one of the leading figures. Her "Forbidden to men" program is a great women’s and feminist talk-show having a Maghreb dimension, broadcast in prime time. This polyglot woman always says what she thinks, without complacency, and does not hesitate to answer those who want to hurt her. She speaks plainly of the past: "I was born in Casablanca in a middle class family. I have no happy memories of my young age”, she says. Her father did not give her love: "Can we give what we have not received?”, she wonders. When her father died in 2013, Kaoutar had to mourn a father "with whom I have never been able to explain myself". After a year off to put words on her childhood ailments, she returned to Tunisia to sign a new contract with the channel for which she developed content for the Web on Africa, particularly in Morocco. Kaoutar Boudarraja also made a foray into cinema by acting in a film in Kurdistan, and showcased her talent in the Middle East by participating in "Arab Presenter", a competition of professional television presenters during which she moved and conquered the jury.


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