Khadija Alami Laaroussi is in perpetual motion. Her energy comes from facing up on a daily basis to challenges by assembling movie teams. Her pleasure: uniting people and being a catalyst in the arduous process of making a film. "For me, the richness of a human being is what he or she will accumulate in terms of experience," says Khadija Alami Laaroussi who takes care of making her life a receptacle of memories. This woman who got deeply involved in film production after studying economics in the Northern French city of Lille dreamed of being a dancer, a truck driver, or a war reporter. But in 1993, a meeting with Rick McCallum, an American producer, gave a new twist to her destiny. He guessed that she was a producer in the making: "Right from the beginning, I approached this work as a professional. The essence of this business is organization. But Khadija Alami Laaroussi is first of all about audacity: "I was afraid of nothing. I always used to say yes. Her intuitive understanding of necessities, her sense of anticipation, and her rigorous organization and punctuality are enhanced by a solid training. In 1998, she founded her own company, K Films, where she produced, among others, Tala Hadid’s “Itar El-Layl” or Rhalib Jawad’s “L'Insoumise” , and was the executive producer of more than 40 international films, like in particular Paul Greengrass’ “Captain Phillips”. "The birth of my daughter Zaynab is a landmark date in my life. My life is divided between things that happened before and after the birth of my daughter. I remember movies according to my daughter’s age", says the producer. Today, what matters to this traveler, who always likes to be in contact with others, are her film studios in Ouarzazate. Whether it is about film sets, or about the many possibilities of decoration", without forgetting the green spaces that are necessary in the desert! ", and logistics adapted to international standard, this passionate woman never leaves anything to chance.


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