Cleaning lady

At sixty, Khadija Naitouaanab has more than half a century of households cleaning chores behind her. When she was young, when other children of her age were learning math, grammar or were simply having fun, Khadija Naitouaanab was already cleaning up to support her family. If revisiting these distant memories that reminds her so much toil and chores is not necessarily pleasant, she nevertheless remains proud of her journey. As a mother first. Khadija Naitouaanab takes delight in recalling her two children, a girl and a boy, who managed to study and find a job. Then on a professional level. Whether in the private cleaning company where she worked or with individuals, Khadija has a reputation for a keen sense of perfection: "I have the respect of all those for whom I have practiced this job. I want all tasks to be completed and to be well done”, says Khadija Naitouaanab who has just retired. Thanks to the fruit of her work, she became the owner of her house and her car. Not without humor, she concludes by saying that "behind every woman who was successful in her professional life, there is a great cleaning lady! "


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