Khadija SOUARY

Khadija SOUARY

NGO activist

Though many Moroccans, both men and women, have chosen to emigrate, especially in Europe or America, Khadija Souary has followed the opposite path. She lived a great part of her life In France before deciding to return to Morocco, a country she left at a very young age. “I wanted to experience something different”, she says. She found a first job a call center, where she quickly moved from simple operator to communication manager. A year later, she changed environment and joined the Anti-Racist Group for Support and Defense of Foreigners and Migrants.
" Coming myself from a migrants’ environment, I wanted to work in this sector in order to make the lives of migrants less painful”, explains Khadija Souary who Is now responsible for “Interculturality” program ", and in particular the "Moroccan Confluences” part. Her missions include awareness-raising actions through art and culture. Khadija organizes on a regular basis round tables and conferences but also the “Migrant'scène” festival. Khadija also sees to the development of awareness-raising tools, namely pedagogical briefcases and kits, as well educational games for young people. “Morocco is the first Arab and African country to have initiated legalization campaigns and to have adopted a national integration strategy. But lots of things remain to be done to fight discrimination against migrants. It will take time but we are on the right track, "says the activist.


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