Khansa BATMA

Khansa BATMA


Khansa Batma likes to be carried away by music, surrounded by her books and her five cats. In her latest album, approached with more maturity and confidence in herself, the singer confides to have left her usual environment "to watch what is going on around. It is a more universal album. Love, women, and humanistic themes inspired me". Would talent be transmitted as a legacy? This is what her success as an author, composer and performer might suggest. Yet nothing was granted to the Moroccan rocker who is an independent and solitary person. The daughter of Mohamed Batma and niece of Larbi Batma, charismatic musicians, grew up in the Hay Mohammadi district in Casablanca, in an activist and artist family: "Although I grew up surrounded by music, it was very hard for me to make myself heard, first as a young adult, since I was only nineteen when I started, then as a woman and finally as a "daughter of someone". The pressure is immense, doubt assailed Khansa. Her mother was worried, her father supported her, her brother Tarik accompanied her. But she had no choice since music flows in her veins: "This is my way of expressing my being and my ideas. At one point in her life, she felt a need for a break: "I had to get rid of the family shackles and music. I wanted to assert myself in another area. Modeling gave her the opportunity to experience another experience. She moved to Turkey where she stayed for five years. She produced original chronicles for a TV show: "I had already had experience with 2M TV in Morocco, with the “Entr'Act” TV program by Nadia Larguet. But Khansa Batma ended up returning to Morocco, due to her love for music that never left her and because of the public she loves.


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