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Laïla Benhima is a woman fully engaged in her life as a couple and a mother, but also engaged in the life of NGOs. Humility and generosity underlie the initiative of the president of “L'Heure joyeuse”, a center dedicated to children and families in a precarious situation: "We are working for a strategy of autonomy and integration. "Fundamentally touched by poverty, her sensitivity to exclusion has its origins in an education where values ​​are strongly anchored: "My parents, exceptional people, were keen to educate their children to the idea of sharing. There was no privilege, no superfluousness, no waste. My mother was very socially engaged upon her arrival in Morocco. My father, a doctor and then a minister, kept reminding us how important it was to serve one’s country ". Laïla Benhima was born in Rabat where she grew up before leaving for the city of Nancy (Eastern France) to study pharmacy. 
She met her future husband, "a man of remarkable values ​​and qualities! My life as a couple is essential. We are very attached to our children who make us feel good”, she says. Then Laïla returned to Morocco, worked at the Pasteur Institute in Casablanca and joined a pharmaceutical company. When she left her executive position, it was in order to join “L'Heure Joyeuse” NGO and capitalize on her experience in the business world, on her sense of management, and on her strong desire for social development. Laïla Benhima passionately loves music, dance and a change of scenery as soon as she can in reading. She discovered, two years ago, the joys of being on a theater stage by participating in a play whose purpose was to raise funds for charitable works: "It was a great experience of going beyond self and letting go”, she says. In 2001, she received from the hands of His Majesty King Mohammed VI the Medal of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. In 2004, she was decorated with the French Legion of Honor and elevated to the rank of Knight.


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