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Being an urbanite , Lamia Chraïbi loves Casablanca which she crisscrosses happily and with a feeling of total freedom. It is in that city that inspires her that the producer decided to establish her company. A simple name, "The Prod", for a complex action: producing movies. Cinema is her life. "Films are my only children," she says. What exalts her: "Starting from scratch and, thanks to the energy of a team, culminating into a work of art. Producing even the most "simple" movie is always a challenge”, she says. Her company specializes in dramatic theme fiction: “I attract difficult projects or vice versa. You never do anything without pain. I love the works of directors who question themselves”, adds Lamia Chraïbi who was the producer of Hicham Lasri, Mohamed Mouftakir and Narjiss Nejjar and co-produced several international projects. In her open space office in Casablanca, one hears speak all languages. Lamia Chraïbi is a cosmopolitan: "I did a world tour. I really like people, I love to talk and interact with them”, she says. After a career in advertising, in France and Morocco, she worked alongside great directors like Wong Kar Wai, Emir Kusturica and Brillante Mendoza. Today, Lamia Chraïbi is entirely devoted to the cinema and this works for her. She dreams of producing Jacques Audiard: "It's not impossible! When you really want something, you've got to firmly believe in it”, she says. Her latest film co-produced with Spain and France, “Mimosas, the way to the Atlas” by Oliver Laxe, a director who lives partly in Morocco, won the Critics’ Week Grand Prize in Cannes in 2016.


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