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"My father is my angel. He always follows me", confides Leïla Hadioui. Moroccans TV viewers did not forget the tears of the TV commentator, in May 2015, during the "Sabahiyat 2M" program when she heard the song “Ba Lhnine” (“My Loving Dad”). She had just lost her father. Leïla Hadioui is one of the most influential personalities on the Web: "Being a star does not mean much. What is important is to be loved for what you are. I share everything, my joys, my sorrows, my good addresses, and my simple and quick tips to my fans. "Being also an actress, she appeared for the first time in a movie directed by Abdelkarim Derkaoui, “Les Enfants terribles de Casablanca”. Other movies and TV films were directed by, among others, Saïd Naciri for the movie “Sara”, Nabil Ayouch for “Zinat Al Hayat”, Ali Mohamed Ali El Mejboud for “Une heure en enfer” (“One hour in Hell”) and Yassine Fennane for the TV series “Hyati”. Leïla owes her success to her work but she remains a mother before all: "I get up early. I take care first of my daughter Marie Inès then I get to work!”. As a child, Leïla Hadioui, already attracted by fashion, did not miss shows on Fashion TV. 
She participated in her first fashion parade at the age of seventeen, with ease and rhythm: "When I'm on a podium, I feel like a princess. I like to highlight the outfits. The "Caftan 2007" show in Agadir was a very beautiful experience. "Leïla Hadioui collaborates with great Moroccan designers. In 2008, she paraded in Paris: "I like to represent the caftan. I am madly in love with Morocco, for my king and for the Moroccan people”. Leila took up another challenge: to create her line of women's clothing, “traditional capes, unique pieces, accessorized or not, to be worn under all circumstances ".


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