Majda EZ-OUHRI & her daughter

Majda EZ-OUHRI & her daughter

Single mother

Single mother. Like other thousands of women, Majda Ez-Ouhri found herself as the single mother of a little girl. In Morocco, where the status of unwed mothers is not recognized and even liable to imprisonment for out-of-wedlock sexual intercourse, the stigmatization of these women is systematic. Majda Ez-Ouhri's profile is quite atypical compared to the majority of other unmarried mothers. Majda holds a bachelor's degree, and took training in hospitality and management. After a love story, Majda got pregnant. "It was very hard at first because I had to hide this fact to my family and my surroundings. It was not at all obvious to handle this situation alone”, recalls Majda Ez-Ouhri. Conscious of the fact that in Morocco her position is very delicate, she insisted on doing everything so that nothing interferes in the future of her child that she wants to protect at all costs. She was helped by the Casablanca “Insaf” association to give a legal existence to her daughter. She earns her living by working in a call center and dreams of a family life. But she concludes, discouraged: "In Morocco, it is not easy for a single mom to rebuild her life".


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