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This graduate in French literature fully lives everything she undertakes. Mother of two children, Maria Bichra felt the need to serve other mothers. In 2000, she created the "Planète Maman-bébé" concept, with a guide, a club, trade shows and a publishing house. For this initiative that was a first of its kind in Morocco, success was dazzling. In the same year, Maria Bichra set up a multidisciplinary scientific committee made up of specialists working in the world of childhood and responsible for answering parents' questions during the meetings she organizes. Maria Bichra hammers her slogan: "Knowledgeable moms mean healthy babies!”, says Maria who launches awareness-raising campaigns on immunization, prevention of domestic accidents, nutrition, the importance of pregnancy monitoring, and the benefits of breastfeeding, her battle horse. In 2011, she organized the first seminar on Near-Death Experience in the Arab-Muslim world, herself having experienced one during her first childbirth. After a complication, she was declared clinically dead: "Until my childbirth, I was afraid of everything, losing my parents, my husband ... I had a phobia of death but by tasting the sweetness of death, I demystified it, and fear left me. It was a bath of light. Thanks to this multidimensional experience, I live my life to the fullest,”, says Maria Bichra. Though she shows a lot of prudishness, she does not hesitate to explode the taboos: sex, death ... "Love neutralizes fear and evil. It is a force. W received a lot of affection my brothers and sisters and I. I help people who are worried about putting love back in their relationship. There is in this feeling an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual dimension. To love is to see in other people their divine character. Maria Bichra also opened up to spiritual coaching: "It's all about balance. You must nourish your soul, take care of your body and train your ego! "


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