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After being an usherer in a movie theater in Rabat in her youth, chambermaid in a palace in the posh French city of Neuilly near Paris, getting a PhD from the prestigious Sorbonne University, associate professor of humanities, journalist and director of an educational channel in Morocco: Maria Latifi worked in all areas. "I am a woman born under the sign of work", she likes to repeat. Being a humble and resolute person right from her childhood, Maria Latifi studied and, in parallel, earned her life: "I did not have the financial means, I had to find them and I found them", she says. This fan of literature finds inspiration in silence or in daily walks, and has made of her father's recommendation a mantra: "You will be what you want to be if you do what it takes to become it”, he used to say.. When her father died in 1979, which was the first great pain of her life, she took care of a family of ten brothers and sisters: "The notion of duty defined me”, she says. After brilliant studies in France, she returned to Morocco, country of her "anchoring identity" and where she wanted to serve. Her focus area: culture on TV. A passion that comes from her past, when she helped her projectionist father at the Agdal movie theater: "I had an extraordinary childhood and adolescence. I cherish these periods. My life was organized between the cinema, “La Source” library in Rabat, and the activities in the church of Father Garcia that taught us to love books”, she remembers. In 2005, she was appointed Director of “Attakafia”, the educational and cultural channel of the National Broadcasting Corporation (SNRT).. Though images are her passion, they are not her exclusive passion: "I am very faithful in love as well as in friendship”, she says. Maria Latifi often recalls with intense memories shared with loved ones who are no longer alive: "My mother's death was a very painful experience, we were closely bonded. We carry in ourselves the memory of the lost ones”, she concludes 


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