Educational Inspector

After graduating from the School of Education in Rabat, Meriem El Hadraoui became a teacher of economics and management at the Al-Khansa High School in Casablanca, at an age when others have not yet obtained their junior high school. "I grew up holding in high esteem the public service. I had a great pleasure to transmit knowledge to my students”, she says. After eight years of teaching, she chose to be a school inspector, which involves an additional type of involvement: "I have instituted weekly meetings with teachers and introduced various educational training sessions as well as follow-up activities within the classrooms”. Meriem El Hadraoui was then chosen to head the provincial chapter of the Ministry of Education in the Casablanca Ben M'Sick area, a popular neighborhood with a vulnerable and low-income population. Meriem got fully involved in her mission and undertook substantive work in seventy public schools in the Ben M'Sick area to create clubs and to set up extracurricular activities. She also succeeded in generalizing preschool classes in thirty-two primary schools: "It was necessary to make progress with the limited means available”. Her goal has always been to treat students with dignity, to allow them to flourish and to ensure a real co-education in the classrooms. “I believe in all forms of intelligence, not only in that of mathematics or in that of languages. I dream of a public school where every child can find his or her way”, insists the inspector.


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