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On February 05, 2009, Reda committed suicide; he was thirteen and a half. For all people, this tragedy has been accompanied by total misunderstanding. At the funeral, teenagers came to offer their condolences to the family. That was an opportunity for an awareness-raising exercise: "Reda's friends talked a lot. One confidence brought another, they confided their teenage stories, often for the first time. We realized the distress of some teenagers, and the silence in which they lived without even being aware of it. And how much talking with other people brought relief to them’, says Meryeme El Bouzidi Tiali, Reda's mother. Then she goes on to add: "Reda was dead, I could not change anything about it, alas! But I knew immediately that I could act so that other children do not lock themselves in their suffering and do not commit some irreparable act”, says Meryem. This is how “Reda's Smile” NGO came into being with the creation in 2011 of an online chat-based anonymous support service, called “Stop Silence”. Every child, whether suicidal or not, has access to it free of charge. “Reda’s smile” leads a national awareness-raising campaign and prevention activities every year. "We never mourn a child. It is not a wound but a part of us that is torn away, a part of ourselves that lives elsewhere. Today, the “Reda's Smile” NGO is accompanied by these little angels. 
Acting to avoid death puts us every day more in vibrant contact with life”, concludes Meryeme El Bouzidi Tiali.


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