Hairdresser - Technician

Mina Ouhmid, better known as Mouna, is passionate about hairdressing. When one hears her speak, one understands the thousand and one nuances of the trade, the importance of a cut and the technique of which she masters all the subtleties. Mina always takes pleasure in evoking her journey, started in a Casablancese hairdressing school. After graduating, she spent six months in Paris with Jean-Louis Desforges. Back in Morocco, Mina multiplied experiences to perfect her knowledge of the craft, and refined her technique: coloring, wicks, and extensions no longer have any secret for her. "Moroccan women know what they want. They follow trends perfectly”, confides Mina who experienced the golden age of hairdressing in Casablanca. Mina Ouhmid made an internship with the best hairdressers, like Stella, Charly, and Hervé: "They were classy and loved their occupation”, she says. Later on, Mina Ouhmid worked for “Gilles Laurent” among others, then moved up to speed by becoming self-employed with her team of hairdressers and estheticians who are still faithful to her today. "My dream is to create a hairdressing school. I want to give to others what I have received and to transmit my know-how”, she says. Mina Ouhmid is certainly enthusiastic. She still remembers with pleasure her first makeover: "It was in 2001 for the “Femmes du Maroc” magazine. It was a novelty in the world of fashion and a whole new experience for me! "



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