In 1995, Miriem Bensalah embarked on a motorbike tour of several thousand kilometers across Morocco. In a bend around the Northern city of Alhoceima, she fell on the ground. Because of a large live wound, she had to be treated in Nador. "Forty-eight hours later I was back on the bike!", confides this woman whose will is not hindered. When she sets a goal for herself, she puts at work all the resources, her own and those of other people, in order to reach such a goal. A committed vision, managerial skills and a natural sense of leadership are her assets. Elected in 2012 as the first woman president of the Moroccan employers association (the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco) and re-elected in 2015, the "boss of bosses" is the epitome of performance and efficiency in the service of the economic development of the country. But she knows that "it is a heavy burden to be the first, 
You must pass the torch! ". At a very early stage of her life, she wanted to be a model and a responsible woman: "As a sibling of five children, I felt a duty to be exemplary’. Daughter of Abdelkader Bensalah, the founder of the Holmarcom conglomerate, she joined the family group in 1986 after obtaining a double MBA in management and finance in Dallas. In 1993, after receiving her pilot’s license, she took on a new challenge, the “Aïcha des Gazelles” Rally that she won as crew captain. One of her most painful memories is the death of her father in 1993 ("we were closely bonded"), then her sister's death one year later. This businesswoman, wife and mother of three children, is also a woman of culture. In 2005, she organized the first edition of the Casablanca Festival and in 2009, was appointed Commissioner of the Earth Day by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, which was "the beginning of a real collective awareness about the environment. Since then, Moroccans have been invited to be actors of change. "


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