"Information, advertising and communication occupations place us at the heart of the country's activities. We take the pulse of the major economic sectors and are aware of the societal stakes. We must also always be one step ahead of the trends”, says Monique Elmaleh, founder and managing director of the Mosaïk communication agency. Fascinated since her adolescence by the art of saying and communicating, she enrolled, with her junior high school degree in arts and humanities in her pocket, at the Toulouse (France) School of Communication Science and was the best student of her class. Subsequently, she specialized in marketing in London. Once she secured her degrees, Monique returned to Morocco. "Being the daughter of a very nationalist father, I always had a lot of love for my country where I wanted to achieve things," she says. She then joined the “Société des Brasseries du Maroc” company. As the first woman executive to work in the company, she did not ask for any special treatment. This fact was a constant feature of her entire career: "I never said ‘I am a woman, I am young, I am Jewish’. . I believe in human resources as a capital, in skills and in values”, says Monique Elmaleh who worked for 15 years in important entities. With a multi-faceted experience, she was able to adapt herself to all technological changes and created her communication consulting agency in 1995 with two other people. Today, the agency has 60 employees: "We were the first ones to propose campaigns in the Moroccan local language (“Darija”) to get closer to our consumers. We were also precursors in the development of new communication formats, as well as in the professionalization of event management and press relations”. Monique Elmaleh, mother of two children, also defends “a state of mind, a living together, and an image of Morocco. I admire the civil society. To do this job, we must love others”. Culture remains her passion. The Casablanca festival, the Tanjazz festival, the Concert for Tolerance and COP22 are some of the flagship events that her agency has accompanied.


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