"I love my job that combines reflection and creativity without ever being routine. It offers me the opportunity to discover different sectors through the support of my clients in their communication, and the enhancement of their image and their projects. There is also a bit of emotion in every event we organize", says enthusiastically Myriam Abikzer, President and CEO of the event communication agency Avant Scène. She addresses all subjects with the same curiosity and passion, whether it is agriculture, tourism or the environment. Within the agency, the challenges are present on a daily basis: "We must quickly tackle the problems at hand and be a constant force of proposals, while respecting the imposed deadlines that are often very short. One the day that precedes any event, with my teams, we are all driven by adrenaline. But fortunately, this stress always turns into happiness" . No longer has she accomplished a mission that Myriam Abikzer is already starting a new venture: "I need change and mobility. This job makes me travel. When she founded her small agency in Marrakech in 2003, she could not imagine that success would be immediate and would continue to grow. In 2008, she settled in Rabat, the capital city, a change of scale due to a growing company: "We were three people in the beginning of this venture, we are sixty today! And there are a lot of women on the team. The organization is a priority for this mother of two children, Solal and Leah, whom she entrusts to her family when she and her husband are on the move. Myriam Abikzer is happy to have made the decision to return to Morocco after studying finance in New York and after a first film experience in Los Angeles: "I loved that city, a natural and authentic one, but I was missing my family and I wanted to devote my energy to setting up a project in Morocco. Here, I feel at home! It is in the South of the country where she finds the authenticity she needs: "Ouarzazate, Zagora, Taznaght, all these places calm me deeply. "


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