Abdelaziz Mouride, the father of Moroccan cartoons, nicknamed her "the acrobat of the world of publishing". When Nadia Essalmi became, in 1982, Moroccan champion of gymnastics, she did not imagine that, later, she would obstinately devote herself to publishing children's books. Because of perseverance was necessary for this lady from Casablanca born in a country where reading is not experienced as a necessity. She first taught Oriental dance, wanted to set up a gym but eventually became a publisher. Today, she passionately advocates for reading. Her message comes down to an imperative message: "Read, read, read!”, she says. In 1998, she created the Yomad publishing house, which from the beginning displayed the ambition to publish quality texts for children and young people. Yomad publishes Moroccan authors and several of its books get awards, such as the Grand Atlas Prize, the Young Reader Award and the Michel Tournier Prize. Nadia Essalmi is on all fronts: "I read the manuscripts, do the layout, take care of the follow-up and I even do secretarial work! Besides that, she has being hosting on a regular basis for six years now a literary café for grown-ups. In 2013, she got a medal from the French Academic Society for Education and the Encouragement of Arts, Science, and Humanities “ for her contribution to culture. But what really drives the publisher are kids: "They are the pivot of all my actions”. Nadia Essalmi is the initiator of "Read to grow " and her NGO “L’École pour tous” (“School for All”), aims to renovate public schools in rural and peri-urban areas. "When one works with children, one is daily faced with injustice”. Nadia is very active on the social networks which she uses as a "communication weapon" and has created a citizens’ group called "You have the floor". In 2016, she was elected vice-president of the Moroccan Publishers' Union. In 2000 she received the Francophonie Award and in 2014 the “Wissam of the National Order of Merit”.


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