Vice-president of an NGO

Nadia Mkinsi is not only a great lover of two-wheelers. She is a seasoned biker with her own Harley Davidson. This mother of three children has been a fan of motorcycles since her teenage years. She piloted all types of motorcycles. From the Suzuki TS 50 to her current Harley 1600 or the TD 125, the Honda 250, 750 and 1300, she drove them all. 
"Motorcycles give me an indescribable feeling of happiness. Moreover, it is a symbol of freedom and emancipation. Finally, there is a real sense of solidarity between bikers”, she says. For a very long time, this universe was linked to the image of the bad boy, necessarily macho. Certainly Nadia Mkinsi insists on wearing her jacket, her leather pants, boots and scarf she shows and offers a different image of bikers. As a second vice-president of the Royal Club of motorcycles in Rabat, Nadia Mkinsi speaks passionately of her association that is "very committed to the world of NGOs and humanitarian issues and where men and women ride together!”, she adds. Nadia Mkinsi participated in the Casablanca-Laayoune rally and many other outings where differences of age or gender never mattered. Nadia Mkinsi proves that one can work, be a mother of a family and at the same time be an accomplished biker.


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