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"The stage fright never disappears, it fades with time. It is a responsibility to talk to people live, and to enter their homes. A close relationship is established day by day”, confides Nadia Mouadden. For more than ten years, the journalist and presenter has been the face and voice of the television newscast of the National Broadcasting Corporation (SNRT). After having embodied for four years the 1 PM news program, Nadia Mouadden occupies today the most followed slot, that of the evening. Although the moments preceding the beginning of the newscast always cause a slight trouble in her, the journalist is rather comfortable. Her daily life consists in scrutinizing the news, master the subjects, and schedule who her next guests will be. “Information is my life. One travels, one make discoveries, and one meets personalities. I remember traveling to Italy and Egypt when we accompanied Her Majesty King Mohammed VI as well as the princesses”, she says. "Any news report, however prepared, always leaves room for chance”, she adds. In 2014, at the opening of the “Contemporary Morocco” exhibition at the Arab World Institute in Paris by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem and President François Hollande, I gave my microphone to him and he gladly answered my questions. It is a good souvenir!, she says. Born in the city of Kenitra, she continued her schooling without any real calling before obtaining her license at the School of Letters & Humanities in Rabat: “I did not think of becoming a journalist”, she says. “ An advertisement in a newspaper proposed to pass a test for training at the Moroccan Radio Television corporation. I said why not?”. Nadia Mouadden was recruited and learned the trade. She discovered "the national, international, cultural and economic sections, the field reports, the editors’ conferences, etc."  In 1998 her first child was born, and the second one in 2005: "My children and my close family remain my pillars. It is with them that I find my balance. "


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