Naima Lokbi is an exemplary employee of the Meknès-Aicha canning corporation. She was barely sixteen when she started 
to work there. It was in 1975: "I did not have a hard job. I helped the female workers a little. I learned the trade”. Afterwards, Naima Lokbi worked at the packaging section where she was in charge of filling jam boxes. "It was not automated yet. Everything was done by hand”, she recalls. After the "factory" period, Naima Lokbi switched to the warehousing section where she gradually began to manage stocks and load trucks. "It was Mister Mardochée Devico himself who taught me the trade. He gave me my chance and I seized it”, she says. For the past thirty-six years, Naima Lokbi has been keeping a close eye on things: she manages the shops, relations with truck drivers, loading and labeling. Today, she is in charge of the loading operations but knows all the trades of the factory. She may even replace, if necessary, other persons performing other duties. Naima Lokbi has witnessed the evolution of the company, its growth as well as the diversification of its activities and products."I am very happy for the Aïcha company that gave me everything: work, esteem, and a stable life. For me, it's not just a factory, it is simply my house. "


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