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When she learned in the early 1990s that her fourteen-year-old son was suffering from schizophrenia, Naima Slamti saw her world collapse. She discovered illness, the symptoms that result from it and that hurt her child's life: hearing voices, having visions and a disjointed discourse, and a disorganized behavior ... Lost, alone and distraught, Naima was confronted with the universe of psychiatry: "I have noticed, in the waiting rooms of doctors as well as in the psychiatric departments of hospitals, the disarray of many other helpless families in the face of the crises, relapses and hospitalizations of their sick relatives”, says Naima Slamti. She decided then to create, in 2007, the Moroccan Association for the Support, the Link and the Initiation of the Families of People Undergoing Psychic Suffering. Her goal was to raise awareness among decision-makers and the general public about the need to improve care and the quality of life of patients and their families. As president, Naima Slamti tackles the prejudice against the mentally ill, discrimination and social rejection. So much progress made since the creation of the association! 
Today, Naima dreams of a Morocco that guarantees free medicines and hospital care to all sick people. And for those without family, abandoned and left to themselves, a total care provided by the Government.


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