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"When I create clothes, I think of all women but each one has her own style," says high fashion designer Najia Abadi. Born in Casablanca in a traditional family, her father refused to let her dress "as her friends do" and wanted her to study medicine. When she was pretty young, she met her future husband, "a wonderful man with whom I got married", she says. With him, she discovered freedom. Together, they decided to leave Morocco to settle in Paris: "He let me choose the studies I wanted to follow. Today, I am separated from the father of my two children but he remains my great love”, confides Najia Abadi. Since the time when she used to make clothes for her dolls, her passion for fashion has not weakened and has even been strengthened. The fashion designer could speak for hours about her job: "I love passionately what I do, I like to mix beautiful materials, lace from Calais, muslin, taffeta, duchesse satin..." Her collections, often glamorous, reveal each time different universes. In 2005, Najia Abadi created and presided over the Federation of Moroccan couture to structure the industry. She is also the founding president of Fashion Week Morocco and in 2009 she launched Fashion Days Morocco. She participates on a regular basis in cultural weeks abroad or in catwalks parades for the benefit of associations. In 2016, she created a collection around the theme of Egyptian classical songs as part of a charity evening whose profits allowed the purchase of bicycles for girls. She also provided dresses for movie stars during the Marrakech International Film Festival. Today, she develops numerous international projects where her collections are always of great interest.


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