Neïla TAZI

Neïla TAZI


Neïla is exceptional. She is the only woman who has been running a festival for almost two decades. Behind the scenes stands Neïla Tazi, an inescapable personality actor of the world of music; As a founder of the Gnaoua festival and of the Essaouira World Music Festival in 1998, Neïla Tazi was able to make of Essaouira an attractive destination offering new encounters between Gnaoua and musicians from five continents. This multiculturalism fits perfectly with this polyglot lady born in Washington, DC whose father was a senior official at the World Bank: "From a very young age, I bathed in a real spirit of open-mindedness. We received people of all nationalities. Neïla got a degree in general university studies in biology in Paris, pursued a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and then returned to Morocco and was married for the first time at the age of twenty-one. In 1991, her first child, a boy, was born: "I always wanted to multiply the challenges. To be a good daughter, a good mother, a good wife, and lead a professional career. In 1992, Neïla Tazi founded her communication company, that became the A3 Group. When Neïla created her musical festival six years later, she did so with a "cultural, social, economic and political approach" and wanted to make of this festival one that is part of a long term perspective. Being combative and convincing, she appeals to elected officials, authorities, artists, members of the media, and others. Her sincere attitude raises positive energies: "I have an inclusive approach, I am in a permanent dialogue”, she says . As a representative of the Moroccan employers association (General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco), she was the first woman to be elected as vice-president of the Moroccan senate (the “”House of Councillors”) in 2015. She humbly measures the importance of the parliamentary work in the construction of the democracy: "One exceeds his or her own limits”, she says. Neila has only one regret: “My father did not see me chair the parliamentary session of January 12, 2016”. Her second husband," a militant and early feminist”, expresses his unwavering support for Neïla, just like her children do.


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