Noujoum DABSSI

Noujoum DABSSI

Manager of New Media

A graduate of the Mohammedia School of Engineers, Noujoum Dabssi quickly adapted herself to an entity such as the Moroccan Press Agency where journalism and technological tools go hand in hand. At the beginning of her career, she naturally took care of the operation and support of telecommunications networks, with the responsibility of managing the "studies and planning" and "clients and interventions" departments. In 2011, she was at the heart of the transformation of the agency, which would from that moment onwards diversify its focus areas in order to adapt to new audiovisual technologies. MAP TV and MAP Audio were born. These new services must produce video and audio content that deals with national news. Noujoum Dabssi, responsible for the audiovisual professions within the agency, takes care of the whole production chain: from the needs expressed during the editors’ conference, to the deployment of the media to be used until the dissemination of the final product. "It's a challenge for me. News never stops. There are always new topics to deal with and this will always require quality images, a good editing and a good comment”, explains Noujoum who knew how to train herself to the new professions. According to her, organization is the key to success: "You have to know how to manage your time and teams, listen to others, delegate and make people take responsibility".


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