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"My dream: that Morocco offers the world of great athletes. Like all youth, ours needs idols, "says Nouzha Bidiouane, known as Nezha Bidouane. The Moroccan champion, specialist of the 400 meters hurdles, always wanted to surpass herself: 
" I very soon became aware of my desire to achieve something exceptional”, she says. Nouzha was ranked among the top 100 athletes in the history of the world championships by the British newspaper The Times. This accomplished athlete has one goal: to involve women in the world of running. She is the initiator of the Women's Victory Race, whose ninth edition in 2016 attracted many participants. Nouzha embodies the image of the talented athlete: "When someone wants to become a champion, one thinks sport, one breathes sport”, she says. But let’s come back to the 1970s. Nouzha has a quiet childhood in Rabat and discovers gymnastics. It is only later that the girl experienced a craze for athletics. At the age of sixteen, in contact with professional sportsmen, she decides to make of track-and-field her career: "I said to myself: “why would not I be the best?”. From 1996 to 2001, it will be thanks to an unshakeable will and Intensive physical and psychological training. In 1997, she won her first world title in Athens in 1998 and received in 1998 a first Wissam from King Hassan II. In 2001, for his second world title in Edmonton, it was His Majesty King Mohammed VI who awarded her another Wissam: "Every victory has a history”. The story of the athlete is made of many gold medals but also injuries, injustices, disappointments and obstacles that were overcome. 
The champion does not forget those who have contributed to her success and her happiness, her family, her husband, a former athlete and unwavering support, and her coach Aziz Daouda who has given her the confidence to fight and win. Today, she is president of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Sport for All and has made of philanthropy her new challenge. She also enjoys the affectionate motherhood of her children, Yacine and Yassir


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