Nouzha CHKOUNDI & her daughter

Nouzha CHKOUNDI & her daughter

President of an NGO

Nouzha Chkoundi chairs the “Association of Solidarity with the Children of the Moon”, which she created in 2012. She closely knows about the problems related to this disease. Her daughter Sanaa, twenty-seven years old, is affected by such disease. Sanaa never leaves home until the sun goes down. She must absolutely wait until night comes to venture outside. Daylight is strongly discouraged, it can even lead to death. It is the terrible fate of all the "children of the moon”. Because of a genetic deficiency, children exposed to ultraviolet radiation are at risk of developing skin cancer."Only those who are fortunate enough to have adequate equipment, glasses, UV caps and screens, will be able to lead a semblance of normal life", explains Nouzha Chkoundi, the mother of Sanaa but also of Mounir, who died at the age of seven due to complications resulting from this disease. After experiencing the painful loss of her son, she decided to get involved and to campaign against the stigmatization of these people and to offer social and medical care to them. Her daughter is her great accomplice. It was also Nouzha who had the idea of creating this association in memory of her brother. According to statistics of the organization, seven to eight hundred children suffer from this rare disease in Morocco.


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