At twenty-two, Rajae Lachkar is a young mechanic. She is also a second year student of sociology at the Tetouan university. "Since I was a child, the world of cars has been fascinating me. When I walked past a garage, I used to watch the mechanic's gestures and I always dared to see what was under the hood”, recalls Rajae Lachkar. Coming from a sibling group of eleven children, six daughters and five boys, she has always shared this passion with her sister Najlae, her eldest one-year-old. But they had to face the refusal of their father and brothers as to their choice to start mechanics: "Tetouan is a conservative city. We really had to insist so as to be allowed to choose this path. It was not easy. In the end, we managed to break this taboo and prove to our family that this domain was not exclusively reserved for men. "The two sisters receive training in mechanics from a local association, funded by Usaid as part of their " Forsaty " program. Rajae Lachkar has taken several courses. Today, she and Najlae, "her other half", dream of opening their own garage”. "A garage that looks like us, painted in pink and that allows us to pursue our dream ..."


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