Social activist

Saâdia Bajjou participates in all feminist battles. After being an activist for the Moroccan Democratic League for Women's Rights (LDDF), she opted for the cause of single mothers and decided to get involved in the Insaf NGO where she carried out actions as a "social activist". She became aware of the difficulties faced by these women who became pregnant out of wedlock and the precariousness they face and their children. She became strongly present in the field, discovered networks of prostitution, begging, and child trafficking; Very well organized networks that exploit above all the vulnerability of these single mothers who are often defenseless and stigmatized. Within the Ytto Foundation, she tirelessly continued her struggle, but this time against customary marriages and that of minors: "I discovered these different types of unions during an itinerary travel organized by the foundation, in 2008, in the region of Azilal. In Imilchil, what I saw was even worse; during collective ceremonies, very young girls get married by force! It was the shock of my life", remembers Saâdia Bajjou. An intolerable situation that she and the other militants of the foundation wanted to have covered in the media so that their cause becomes a societal debate. In 2016, she embarked on a new struggle with a new issue which, once again, concerns women and children in particular: sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco.


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